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Sarah Davis Jones

1960 13th Ave. Dr. SE,
Hickory, NC 28601



Hickory is a unique and vibrant city with a growing culinary scene, outdoor adventures for all ages, beverage trail and more. While similar offerings can be found in surrounding larger cities and towns, it’s Hickory’s uniquely local vibe of craftsmanship and connectedness that help make it a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike. In Hickory, the good life isn’t just about having a lot to do. It’s also about how you experience them. Hickory has been the home of High School, Collegiate and Southeastern tournaments and championships ranging in sports – basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, and more.

Venue Spotlight

Gymnastics meet at Hickory Metro Convention Center

Hickory Metro Convention Center – boasts over 84,000 square feet of space all on one level. The Hickory Metro Convention Center has hosted dance, soccer, weightlifting, wrestling and gymnastics competitions. In 2022 Hickory will be breaking ground on a 35,000+ SQFT expansion and extensive renovation to the convention center.

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