4 Reasons You’ll Love to Compete in North Carolina

outline of NC state showing people playing sports

There is no question that we do sports in North Carolina, and we do them well.
But much of what makes a successful sporting event happens off the field.

Your participants want to take home more than a title, they want to leave with memories, and perhaps a longing to return to a place where they felt at home.

CULTURE: With any travel experience, it’s true that the people make the place. The cities and communities in North Carolina are a mix of old world charm and progressive ideas. Southern hospitality is alive and well in towns that take pride in welcoming guests like family.

LOCATION: With almost half the U.S. population located within a day’s drive of North Carolina, getting here is easy. Four international and several regional airports serve the entire state, from the mountains to the coast. And our prime southeastern location results in a moderate four-season climate that allows for year-round play.

TERRAIN: From the mountain ranges in the west to the more than 300 miles of beaches in the east, and the rolling hills of the Piedmont in between, whatever terrain you desire, we have you covered. Mountain bikers, lacrosse players, and surfers alike will appreciate the varied topography and the stunning scenery in our state.

CUISINE: The food scene in North Carolina reflects the diversity of our residents. Recipes passed down for generations can be found on menus in family restaurants across the state, as well as southern favorites elevated to the award-winning level from New South chefs.